Our History

The Run Sing Thing was founded in November 2014 as an event to promote community cooperation, overcoming challenges with music and having fun. It is a five kilometer (3ish miles) singalong while running at Carrier Park. It is kind of like a flash mob, concert, choir, running club and race all rolled into one.

Breaking into song together sounds pretty amazing, so does raising funds for Arts For Life.

How The Event Works

  1. Register. You can sign up in a group or run solo. Advance registration is recommended as the event will sell out.
  2. Check in at the Picnic Pavilion at noon and pick up your group-colored race shirt, finisher’s certificate, headband, and fun temporary tattoos.
  3. Find your color and meet your Run Sing Thing song leaders.
  4. Move in sync, sing together and make history!

Cooperation over Competition
Usually at a race it is all about running as fast as you can, but this race will be all about running in a cadence at the same pace and singing together as a group and having fun. The goal of the Run Sing Thing is for all of the runners to sing the same songs at once. This takes coordination by our song leaders and cooperation from our run singers (you!).

Our set list will be 8-10 different call-and-response and singalong style songs, our running feet will provide the beat. The set list will be released prior to the event so you can practice if you like.


Benefits of singing together. Recent research tells us what we probably already knew: moving in sync “strengthens interpersonal bonds” – in other words, it brings us together. Some scholars even suggest that activities such as music and dance evolved as a technology of social cohesion. What the Run Sing Thing does is combine the benefits of synchrony with the endorphins released through running and singing.

Research has found that when people sing to hearts tend to beat in sync, and singing causes our bodies to produce oxytocin – the bonding hormone. (Time Magazine)

Singing triggers endorphin release; merely listening to music does not.


It takes your mind off how tired you are. Chain-gang chants, military cadences and sea chanties: throughout human history, moving and singing together has been known to make collective tasks easier.  In some cultures, the primary function of music is to help make work easier.

It has been proven that musical and physical activity increases the pain threshold.  Group Dynamic + Individual Effort = Awesome.

Who are we

This event is organized by Arts For Life and event founder, Jenny Greer Fares.

Based in Asheville and serving four communities across North Carolina, Arts For Life believes in the power of the arts to help children heal. The independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supports people facing serious illnesses and disabilities through arts education. Each Run Sing Thing participant’s run fee supports one art lesson for a local child facing illness or disability. Arts For Life helps over 2,500 pediatric patients and family members annually, in partnership with Mission Children’s Hospital. For more info, visit www.artsforlifenc.org

A creative force to be reckoned with, Jenny Greer Fares has been an active player in Asheville’s artistic community for nearly fifteen years. Former leader of the band Jen and the Juice, Jenny is a mover, shaker, and all around crowd-rouser. Her collaborations are a walloping cacophony of sound and fury, art and fun. She thrives in creative, energetic circles – and it shows. She was very recently featured on the cover of Asheville Citizen-Times for creating a “legacy of innovative music programming” for the city. She’s also owns a thriving graphic design firm, specializing in branding and illustration called Sound Mind Creative.

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